Demand for Graphic Designers Continues Unabated

Whether you aspire to be a freelance artist or a designer at a big ad agency, a degree in graphic design will help make your dreams come true. Graphic designers create visual concepts by hand or with computers, and communicate ideas to enlighten and attract consumers. They work with logos, photos, drawings, and other designs… Continue reading Demand for Graphic Designers Continues Unabated

Reshaping the Way the World Treats Food

Everyone needs to eat but the modern food production system is heavily dependent on fossil fuels, pesticides, and chemical fertilizers. While the system produces food that is cheap and abundant, it creates major air and water pollution and global warming gases. This explains the trend towards sustainable cuisine.

Digital Media Production Careers Require Training

If you like working with cameras, camcorders, microphones, and video and audio editing software you’ll love training for a digital media production certificate. Working with digital media involves creating and editing videos, animation, soundtracks, and films. The need for digital media producers is growing daily in the television, Web, gaming, and advertisement industries.