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Colorado Mountain College is offering the Finish What You Started scholarship to support those who have earned college credits in the past and are close to completing coursework and graduating. Photo from 2017 commencement: Heather M. Hutchinson

Have you earned college credits but have no degree? A new scholarship at Colorado Mountain College can help you finish what you started.

The Finish What You Started scholarship is intended for people who are not currently attending college, but who may have earned enough credits in the past that they may be close to earning a degree. If it’s been more than a year since you took a college class, you’re likely eligible.

Students who take 12 credits or more may receive a scholarship of up to $500 per semester or $1,500 for three semesters.

To learn more, schedule an appointment with a CMC counselor. With the counselor you can look at the credits you already have, determine how close you are to earning a degree and see if you qualify for the scholarship.

You may be a lot closer to finishing that degree than you think. And with this scholarship, it’s more affordable than ever to Finish What You Started.

For more information, visit Finish What You Started.