Ali Henry graduates with a bachelor’s from CMC Breckenridge

Ali Henry was working in a Breckenridge restaurant when she decided that she needed to shift her focus.

Ali Henry

In May, Ali Henry graduated from CMC Breckenridge with a bachelor’s degree in sustainability studies.

“One day the cook asked me, ‘If you care so much about animals and nature, why do you still eat them and why don’t you do something to help Earth?’” Henry said. “That evening I went home and educated myself. I went vegan overnight and enrolled at CMC the next day. I then learned about sustainability studies and my entire life fell into the perfect pathway for this degree.”

Henry said that her time at Colorado Mountain College Breckenridge expanded her mind in new ways.

“I learned about environmentalists who have changed the world,” said the graduate, who earned a Bachelor of Arts in sustainability studies in May 2020. “I learned about biomimicry, conservation, endangered species, TerraCycling and so much more that I will use throughout my life.”

The knowledge she gained also prepared her to create the “Not-so-Silent Auction: Australian Wildlife Relief” this past February at CMC Breckenridge. Along with fellow CMC students, the fundraiser generated nearly $5,000 for wildlife injured by Australia’s devastating wildfires.

Now that her bachelor’s program at Colorado Mountain College is complete, Henry wants others to know what a special and unique experience CMC offers.

“I want people to know that there is no other place on Earth like CMC,” she said. “If you have an opportunity to attend classes or get a degree at CMC, take it. We are so blessed to have a college throughout the Rocky Mountains with people who care about your well-being and have such incredible energy. It’s made me a better and much more educated human being.”