Kate Brocato

Kate Brocato worked with the Bear Park Permaculture Garden, here, and beekeeping club at CMC Steamboat.

Kate Brocato was studying environmental science and had attended two large universities. Then, quite by surprise, she discovered Colorado Mountain College Steamboat Springs – and its sustainability studies program.

“The degree isn’t available at many other colleges,” Brocato said. “It covers the many facets of sustainability, from natural sciences to business and ethics.”

In addition, she appreciated the Steamboat campus’s approachable professors and small class sizes – different from what she had experienced before.

Brocato graduated in May with a Bachelor of Arts in sustainability studies. In many ways, she had been aspiring to earn the degree her whole life.

“Even at a young age I recognized the harmful effects that human action could have on many of the places that I loved so dearly,” she said.

And when Brocato was 12, her dad and stepmom started a community garden – which still exists. She grew up appreciating fresh vegetables and local food.

“It was one of the primary drivers behind why I have leaned towards food systems work during my college career,” she said.

Many ways to grow

Brocato took part in multiple opportunities for learning and growth.

“Working with the Bear Park Permaculture Garden and as vice president of the beekeeping club has given me a trajectory for my future career path,” she said.

She said that sustainability professor Tina Evans taught her valuable lessons about permaculture – and more. “I learned leadership and team management skills under Tina,” Brocato said.

Brocato feels that Colorado Mountain College has prepared her well for entering the workforce and being a sustainability leader and communicator.

“The close-knit community of CMC and the friends that I have made along the way will be something that sticks with me for a lifetime,” she said.