The Colorado Mountain College Board of Trustees met at the college’s campus in Steamboat Springs Aug. 31 and Sept. 1, for its annual retreat, a regular board meeting and a capital planning work session.

In Wednesday’s day-long facilitated retreat, trustees discussed ways they can move forward as a more effective board. During the meeting the following day, CMC Board President Glenn Davis read the following statement on behalf of the entire board:

During its Aug. 31, 2016, retreat, the Colorado Mountain College Board of Trustees worked diligently to understand each trustee’s perspectives and recognize the validity of their differing opinions. The board recognizes the need to move forward, committing to shared values regarding the necessity of individual expressions while always acting in the best interests of the college. The board pledges to collectively clarify its roles and responsibilities as well as develop a new code of conduct based on widely recognized governance practices.

The CMC board acknowledges the need to provide greater transparency through technology and alternative mediums to ensure the public is always well informed of board actions. As stewards of the public interest and the college’s resources, the board of trustees continues to encourage all members of the public to attend meetings, actively provide feedback or comment and otherwise participate in their college.

Now, therefore, the CMC Board of Trustees unanimously agrees to support the withdrawal of the motion of censure and commit to the development of improved governance practices and a culture of trust, transparency, collaboration and shared values.

Trustees unanimously voted for the third and final time to approve a lease option agreement with the Garfield County Libraries for Cooper Commons in Glenwood Springs. Trustees also voted unanimously to delegate to the president the finalization of the lease option agreement, so long as the final amounts do not exceed what has been approved. The lease option agreement would transfer control of the library’s approximately 1,435 square feet to the college. During the lease period, the college will make lease payments that would also count as credits, on a dollar-per-dollar basis, toward the purchase price of the space.

Also in the meeting, trustees unanimously approved a consent agenda to accept financial statements for the fourth quarter of fiscal year 2015-16.

Trustees also unanimously approved minor modifications to human resources policies. The college’s telecommuting policy, which had not previously been adopted into the new board policies, was added to existing board policy. Other changes include language clarifying that background checks on new hires must be completed before an employee starts work, and broadened the employee grievance policy to cover all employees (including part-time, full-time and contract).

After the board meeting, the trustees held a capital planning work session. The work session followed more than a year of reviewing data and presentations about possible new campus facilities and housing throughout the college’s service area. Campus-based and college-wide leaders provided data about space utilization, key programs, demographic projections, possible future programs, and community and employer needs, as well as options for potential capital projects. The trustees then provided college leadership with guidance so that they can develop and bring to the board’s next session a capital and facilities plan.