Photo of Lin Stickler

Lin Stickler came out of retirement to lead Colorado Mountain College’s student affairs department through major transitions, and is now is re-retiring.

Vice President of Student Affairs Lin Stickler, who came out of retirement three years ago for what she thought would be only a 110-day interim assignment, will now be re-retiring at the end of May.

She retired as CMC’s executive vice president in 2010, but came back on board a few years later at the request of interim President Dr. Charles Dassance. But, as she explained to Student Affairs staff, “A new president and COO joined CMC – and when I saw this talent joining the already existing talent here at the college, it didn’t take much for me to jump at the chance to suspend my retirement so I could work with this dream team – just a thrill!”

But every cloud has a silver lining – and her re-retirement is no exception. She has been persuaded by Dr. Hauser to help lead the college’s 50th anniversary celebration, which kicks off at CMC Day May 11-12 and concludes in the fall of 2017.

“I am beyond excited to have this opportunity to remain connected to the college and to all of you in such a meaningful way,” Stickler said.