Dr. Heather Exby dean of Colorado Mountain College’s  Roaring Fork Campus.

Dr. Heather Exby, dean of Colorado Mountain College’s Roaring Fork Campus. Photo Nathan Lopez Photography

Dr. Heather Exby, dean of Roaring Fork Campus has been appointed for an additional three years to serve on the statewide Concurrent Enrollment Advisory Board. She was reappointed by Colorado Lieutenant Governor and Executive Director of Higher Education Joseph A. Garcia for a term spanning March 1, 2016 to March 1, 2019.

The Concurrent Enrollment Advisory Board was established to advise the Colorado Department of Higher Education (CDHE) and the Colorado Department of Education on how to best administer, grow, and continuously improve Concurrent Enrollment and ASCENT in Colorado, with a special emphasis on expanding to communities with historically low college participation and graduation rates.

This Board position represents the voice of a local college district. As a reminder, the primary responsibilities of Board members include:

• Establishing guidelines for the administration of the ASCENT program;
• Determining qualifications and protocols for cooperative agreements between local school education providers and institutions of higher education;
• Recommending improvements or changes to state policies to better accommodate concurrent enrollment programs;
• Providing recommendations and considerations on waiver provisions necessary for the success of the ASCENT program; and
• Preparing and submitting a final report to the State Board of Education and the Commission on Higher Education, which includes the established administration guidelines and all above recommendations and improvements to advance ASCENT and other concurrent enrollment programs.