photo of Gary Ketzenbarger performing A Resume for Immortality

CMC theater professor Gary Ketzenbarger rehearses for his upcoming performance of his play “A Resume for Immortality” at the United Solo Theatre Festival in New York City on Sept. 27. Photo: Joseph Gamble.

CMC’s Gary Ketzenbarger has been selected to act in the prestigious United Solo Theatre Festival in New York City this fall. This international festival, in its sixth year, is the world’s largest festival of solo performances and is held Sept. 17 to Nov. 22 at the highly acclaimed Theatre Row in the heart of the New York City theatre district on 42nd Street.

Ketzenbarger will be performing his own show, “A Resume for Immortality,” in the festival. The festival’s website provides this synopsis: Everyone has heard the expression, “A river runs through it.” In “A Resume for Immortality” it’s Tai-Chi that runs through it: Tai-Chi as an embodiment of Taoism in action, which is celebrated in this piece as a way of life. Of course, the actual life depicted is the author’s own, but that’s only to illustrate the redemptive value of Tai-Chi itself.

“A Resume for Immortality” will be showcased on Sept. 27 at 4 p.m. If you find yourself in New York City in late September – or want to pass this on to friends who are nearby – tickets are $19.25 and can be purchased in advance through the A Resume for Immortality website.

Ketzenbarger is an associate professor of speech and theater at the college’s Spring Valley campus. He is also the program director for CMC’s Sopris Theatre Company.