Last May, a group of students – Seth Anderson, Kate Lapides and Becky Aurora Thompson – from the Isaacson School for New Media produced a short documentary video about a paralyzed dog named Ernie. A rescue dog from the Colorado Animal Rescue shelter, on the Colorado Mountain College in Glenwood Springs – Spring Valley campus, he was up for adoption and unable to use his back legs. Broadcasters from Denver’s NBC affiliate, Channel 9NEWS, saw the film, loved it, and produced their own news story based on the work of the Isaacson School students. The story aired on the station’s Sunday, April 12 newscast, promoting CMC, the Isaacson School and CARE to an enormous audience. “My thanks to the students who put together Ernie’s story – they did a fantastic job!” stated 9NEWS reporter Maya Rodriguez. You can view the students’ original video on Ernie, and the very remarkable, surprising end to his story, below.