This article aired on Aspen Public Radio

Writ-Large-Logo-SmallStanding on stage and telling a very personal story can take nerves of steel. Tonight, more than a handful of locals are giving it a try. The event is similar to the radio show The Moth. It’s part of a new local series by Justice Snow’s and Colorado Mountain College’s Isaacson School for New Media. Aspen Public Radio’s Elise Thatcher has this story.

On a quiet afternoon in Aspen at Justice Snow’s, a small group waits for a microphone and speakers to get set up. David Cook is here. He’s co-owner of local TV station Aspen 82.

“I’m at Justice Snow’s for our final dress rehearsal for the Writ Large performance,” says Cook.

Like The Moth, people here will tell a personal story in front of a crowd. Cook is used to being in the spotlight. He participated in the Aspen Cares benefit fashion show this past weekend. That meant being “literally in underwear on stage, dancing around, which is very exposing and sort of outside of my comfort zone. Whereas this is quite personal,” Cook continues, “in that it’s a story about me and my life, and my family, that I’ve never click for full transcript and link to audio