SB 10-101 Signing Event Team:

Alton Scales, Jim Lamb, Debbie Devine, Bryan Trujillo, Dave Askeland, Debbie Crawford, Daryl Yarrow, Mike McKibben, Suzie Romig, Lorraine Wiltse, Debbie Novak

Location of Nominee: Collegewide

Date of Nomination: May 31 2010

Nominated By: Lin Stickler

Reason for Nomination: Thank you TEAM!!!!! With barely 3 days confirmation that the Governor was indeed coming, and details coming in last minute from the Governor’s Staff, we had a flawless event. Getting all the invites out – perfect! The media coverage and press kit were wonderful! The logo, banners and stage set up were perfect and caught in every photo. The lobby set up and “green room” were awesome. Bryan, thank you for locating parking cones at the last minute, I hope you didn’t have to steal them from highway crew. The pens and signage – classy! Sound system – perfect! The YouTube – wonderful! Pulling this quality event off at lightning speed demonstrates amazing team work. Thank you all, it was a proud moment for CMC – all of you should be very proud.