CMC, K-12 school leaders share ways to improve concurrent enrollment

Rachel Pokrandt has been appointed as the vice president of Colorado Mountain College Leadville and Chaffee County, effective immediately. Rachel Pokrandt has been named vice president for Colorado Mountain College Leadville and Chaffee County, effective Dec. 5, 2016. She has been serving as interim campus leader...

Play runs Oct. 21-30 at CMC Spring Valley

Continuing to look into construction, renovation of academic buildings and potential campus housing

Takes role as regional development officer as 50th anniversary celebrations begin

Board commits to developing culture of trust, transparency, collaboration and shared values

Association of Community College Trustees recognizes Debbie Novak

Board of overseers meets in Aspen to discuss vision for new media program

Colorado Mountain College has pulled together nearly $1 million in grants and community funds in the Mountain Futures Fund. This fund covers a $1,000 President’s Scholarship that is offered to every graduating high school senior in the college’s district, as well as training high school teachers to deliver...

Following a unanimous vote, the education committee of Colorado’s House of Representatives voted today in support of SB 101, which would allow Colorado Mountain College to offer up to five bachelor’s degrees. The next step is for the bill to continue on for consideration in the full House. A date has not yet been...