Members of CMC’s college-level math classes included, from left, Collin Jenkins, Evan Fitzcharles, Aiden Branch, Evan Wetzel, Luke Morrissey, Brennecke Gale, Megan Aalto, Alissa Barry and Alexander Bullock. Not pictured: Ashlyn Laidman and Cameron Jarnot.

In many high schools, calculus is the highest level of mathematics students can take. This year, 11 Eagle County high school students took Calculus III and Differential Equations. These college-level classes were offered through Colorado Mountain College as part of the concurrent enrollment agreement the college has with the Eagle County School District.

CMC Mathematics Professor Stacy Yarnell, who saw the need for higher levels of math for students, initiated the idea and made the classes possible. Because the students had a full schedule of other high school classes, the advanced math classes were held at 7 a.m. on Thursdays for the entire school year. The students took Calculus III in the fall and Differential Equations in the spring.

These college-level math classes challenged all of the students, while preparing them for the academic rigors that lie ahead. This fall the students plan to continue their educations at Stanford University, Duke University, Colorado State University, the University of Colorado Boulder, Texas Christian University, Cornell University, the University of Wyoming, Kansas University and Gonzaga University.

“It’s worth the challenge,” Megan Aalto said. “I enjoy math, and although both of the classes were very difficult for me, they ended up being my favorite classes.”

“We’ve been so lucky to have these classes offered in such a small town,” Cameron Jarnot said. “I thought that I would end up having to backtrack to fulfill my math requirements, but Calc III and Diff Eq have been so much more rewarding and fun. I’ve never been so challenged in any class, but Mrs. Yarnell has made this one just the right balance of tough and enjoyable. I don’t even mind waking up at 7 a.m. to go!”