Colorado Mountain College professor Dr. Bob Gumbrecht will be a panelist at the Latin American Studies Association International Congress this May in Barcelona.

The conference’s theme, “Latin American Studies in a Globalized World,” will focus on how people around the world perceive Latin America. It will also examine how Latin American studies contribute to the understanding of Latin American culture.

The congress’ program committee, composed of nearly 40 representatives from colleges and universities worldwide, accepted Gumbrecht’s paper, “Culture and Conflict: Interdisciplinary Approaches to Studying Abroad in Latin America.” The selection secured Gumbrecht’s place as a conference panelist.

Gumbrecht has a long personal history in the Central American peace and justice movement. He takes students to Central America each year to study the political, economic and social roots of poverty and violence. And in March 2013, he took a group of students to Cuba to study the nature and evolution of the Cuban Revolution.

Gumbrecht teaches social and behavioral sciences at Colorado Mountain College Steamboat Springs.