Computer tech Ian Morris working at CMC Leadville

CMC Leadville student and campus computer tech Ian Morris takes a look at a hardware puzzle.

This CMC Corner column by CMC Leadville student Leah Elkins was first published in the Feb. 1 edition of the Leadville Herald Democrat.

By Leah Elkins, Colorado Mountain College student

I enrolled in Colorado Mountain College Leadville as a transfer student from a university, having fallen in love with the Rockies after a summer-long camping trip. I landed in the outdoor recreation leadership program at the Leadville campus as the senior resident assistant.

The faculty, staff and students who contribute to the CMC community have given me so many opportunities to develop as a student leader, to reach out into the community and to grow as an aspiring professional. I’ve been able to connect the CMC community with Lake County High School, the Lion’s Club, the Lake County Public Health Agency and more. But I’m not the only student with these opportunities.

Environmental studies major Gabbie Ingram, age 21, is a natural resource management assistant, working with NRM faculty to conduct off-site water resource management. She has observed and recorded data in the field, gaining entry-level experience to prepare her for becoming a U.S. Forest Service ranger.

Ingram values working with CMC and Bureau of Land Management professionals in field settings, growing as a student and an active community member. She’s traveled to the Dinero Mine Drainage Tunnel, Sugar Loaf Mining District and land owned by Nestle in Buena Vista.

The college’s NRM department analyzes water samples from throughout the community. Ingram is gaining hands-on experience and skills in collaboration, office work and data input.

Ian Morris is a 21-year-old CMC student pursuing his Associate of Arts who plans to earn a bachelor’s in cybersecurity. He recently accepted employment at CMC as a computer technician.

To Morris, working as the campus computer technician is a “dream job.” He values the experiences, knowledge and connections he gains, and the value of getting his foot in the door in his chosen career.

CMC is full of star players who study hard and contribute to the community. With occupations at Ski Cooper, Copper Mountain, Monarch Mountain, Pastime Bar and Café, Tennessee Pass Café, The Elk’s Lodge, La Resistance, Safeway, Holy Family Parish Catholic Church, Lake County Search and Rescue, and more, we look forward to crossing paths with you soon, if we haven’t already.