The Summit Daily News Right Brain section profiles creatives in Summit County. CMC Culinary Institute alumni Steve Vlass, currently the executive chef at Keystone Ranch, was featured on December 1, 2015. By Heather Jarvis.

Photo of Keystone Resort Executive Chef Steve Vlass. By Ed Schneider / Keystone Resort

Steve Vlass is in his fourth year as executive chef of Keystone Ranch. He has lived in Summit County for the last 13 years after moving here to attend the culinary program at Colorado Mountain College. Photo: Ed Schneider / Keystone Resort .

The Keystone Ranch debuted a new menu upon opening for the season Friday, Nov. 20. Tweaking the menu to now categorize itself as a Colorado steakhouse, the Ranch utilizes a variety of game and locally-sourced products to feature items such as Imperial Ranch Waygu N.Y. strip, Rosen Farms lamb chops, garden herb-rubbed red bird chicken breast and pumpkin and quinoa croquettes. The restaurant’s executive chef, Steve Vlass, has lived in Summit County for the last 13 years after moving here to begin culinary school at Colorado Mountain College. Vlass, who is often seen out on his mountain bike in the summer, and his wife have a 1-year-old baby boy they are excited to raise in the community. He took some time out of the kitchen to talk a little about life as a chef, and the changes at the Ranch. Click for full article.