This op ed from Dr. Carrie Besnette Hauser was published in The Denver Post on Sunday, Aug. 30, 2015.

Aerial photograph of Colorado Mountain College in LeadvilleFifty years ago, Colorado Mountain College was preparing to open its first two campuses in Leadville and in Glenwood Springs, thanks to a few visionary leaders who realized post-secondary education would only be available in hard-to-reach mountain towns with a manifest destiny approach. Since then, CMC has become one of the largest employers in both communities and their respective counties, and one of the largest higher-education providers in the state — now operating 11 campuses serving 12,000 square miles of the central Rockies.

This nimble, innovative and accessible door to advanced education exists in large part thanks to the financial generosity of Leadville and Lake County in the early 1960s. Click for full article