The Outcomes Survey SLIDE DECK August_Page_01The Outcomes Survey, a nationally standardized survey instrument meeting best practice standards for institutional research, seeks to respond to the national conversation around outcomes accountability: What do graduates do when they leave college? What evidence do institutions have to show students are achieving their intended goals, whether that be a job in their field of choice, continued education, or something else?

The Survey, which takes students only 5-10 minutes to complete, addresses such important topics as employment upon graduation, engagement with campus services, experiential education, and academic program satisfaction as it relates to their career. Students are surveyed four times over the course of a year and have a chance to respond or update us at each phase.  Multiple surveys over a year’s time span are important, as many students don’t necessarily have jobs right away. Over time, things evolve for them so we want them to be able to tell us good news or change the info within that first year. Participation by CMC graduates provides the institution with critical information necessary for career and academic programming and advising, student recruitment, and institutional reporting needs.

“It’s important that we know if and how our programs lead students to meaningful careers after they leave CMC,” says Career Services Director, Kirsten Gauthier-Newbury. “Students are investing in and counting on their education to provide a pathway to future success. The Outcomes Survey will help us take a snapshot each year, to see if students are landing where they hope to, and how we can continuously improve our support for student success.”

CSO Research, Inc. reports that schools using The Outcomes Survey gather career outcomes data that exceed National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) standards and recommendations, meet reporting standards set forth by US News & World Report, and Bloomberg/Business Week, and address the emerging federal reporting standards related to the White House College Scorecard, the Student Right to Know Before You Go Act, and U.S. Department of Education Gainful Employment negotiated ruling making.

“I’ve been especially impressed with the research and rigor involved in the development of this survey. CMC’s ability to respond to the various institutional stakeholders counting on this information is vastly improved and makes The Outcomes Survey an invaluable partner for us,” says Gauthier-Newbury.

Students slated to graduate from CMC May 2015 have already received a unique survey link to their preferred email address on file, and they may take the survey at any time, even on their mobile device! In addition, all graduates who complete the survey will be entered into a drawing for a variety of prizes.

Students who may have lost their survey link can request a new link here: Resend My Survey Link

Questions about ‘The Outcomes Survey’? Please see the Frequently Asked Questions for additional information.