Unique perspective a resource for photographers

Page from “The Wonders of Photography”

Matt Lit’s feature page in the textbook “The Wonders of Photography,” by Dennis P. Curtin.

In a new photography textbook, author Dennis P. Curtin included photos from and acknowledged review support from Colorado Mountain College photography instructor Matt Lit.

Lit’s Holga toy camera film-based photography is featured in “The Wonders of Photography: A Resource for Contemporary Photographers,” even though the book is about digital photography.

“I was pretty surprised when Dennis asked for my Holga work,” said Lit. “He explained being intrigued by a comment I made about the Holga camera proving that really good photography is not about the camera but is always, ultimately, about the image.”

Lit said he is thrilled about being a manuscript reviewer and featured photographer in a book by noted author and editor Curtin.

“I grew up in photography learning from his textbooks and texts he edited, as far back as 1978,” said Lit. “Being tapped to review one of his manuscripts is a great honor.” These texts, including “Photography” by Upton and Upton, and “Photojournalism” by Ken Kobre, are standards in the field of photography education.

Lit also uses Curtin’s photography text, “The Textbook of Digital Photography,” in his ART139 classes taught at Colorado Mountain College in Breckenridge and online for the Isaacson School for New Media at CMC.