Wolf Pack Reunion 2014


On March 16, 2014, two hundred alumni from CMC Steamboat Springs returned to campus to remember and celebrate the lives of two classmates, Shawn Pace and Corey Eardley. The group had been tightly knit while they were CMC students, bonded together by the immediate sense of community they felt in Steamboat Springs and their passion for skiing and snowboarding on the mountain. They often rode and skied on the hill together in a large gang they named The Wolf Pack.

Originally envisioned as a small gathering, the reunion grew in numbers immediately once word spread about the potential event. They group created a scholarship in memory of their fallen classmates – The Wolfpack Scholarship Fund – and returned to campus to reconnect, remember their friend, and take some turns together on the mountain once again. CMC sustainability studies student and adjunct faculty Ben Saheb documented this special reunion for the Wolf Pack Alums.