Kinetic type music video


CMC Graphic Design student Jordan Callier shares his final for CMC’s Motion Graphics class below. This post was was originally published in Jordan’s blog, The Art of Visual Communication, which shares great views of classes and assignments CMC’s  Graphic Design program.

I just completed my final for my Motion Graphics class.  Our assignment was to create an animated text video to either a song or speech.  Although we only had to create a video 30-60 seconds long, I wanted to animate an entire song.  I chose “Ce Soir On Danse” (Tonight We Dance) by Chromeo.  The piece is about 1:30 long, and it took me about 15 hours to complete. This piece was even more challenging because it is in French, and I had to animate the words exactly when they are spoken.   I was going for a very 80s aesthete to compliment the song.