Taught by nationally-recognized green building expert

Photo of the LEED Platinum rated Eielson Visitor Center in Denali National Park

Ashley Muse, foreground, stands in front of the LEED Platinum Rated Eielson Visitor Center, located in Denali National Park. Muse was the primary sustainable design consultant for this project. She teaches a new LEED course this month at CMC's Lappala Center in Carbondale.

Colorado Mountain College now offers a 10-week “Green Building Through the LEED Rating System” course. The course gives a broad and technical foundation in green building through the lens of the LEED for New Construction Rating System and is a great first step in pursuing or updating LEED professional credentials. All the major LEED categories will be reviewed, with a specific focus on integrated design and the financial costs and benefits of green building.

While appropriate for anyone in the building construction or design industry, it is also open to anyone looking for a career change.

Instructor Ashley Muse, M.A., says, “A working knowledge of LEED is increasingly becoming a competitive advantage. LEED is now an important brand in the private sector and we are seeing more and more local, state, and federal regulations modeled after LEED requirements. The LEED system will continue to evolve to push environmental standards within the market, as the current LEED standards become business as usual.”

Muse has taught a similar course for Boston Architectural College’s Sustainability Institute certificate program.

At the Rocky Mountain Institute’s Boulder office, Muse was a sustainable design consultant and served as the primary consultant for over 20 LEED projects including the new visitor centers in Lassen Volcanic and Denali National Parks, the first federally funded LEED Platinum Rated buildings. Locally, she consulted for the Aspen Institute’s new LEED Gold Doerr-Hosier Center.

This noncredit class will be held Thursday evenings, 6-9 p.m., Jan. 20 through Mar. 31 at the Colorado Mountain College Lappala Center in Carbondale (690 Colorado Ave.).

For more information, please call Muse at 303-877-3235. To register, please call CMC at 963-2172.

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