GEDs and High School Diplomas


By Gina Waller

Student success is always a good reason to celebrate.  On the evening of June 16th, the Roaring Fork Campus Learning Labs honored 41 successful GED and high school diploma student with a graduation ceremony and party.  It was an exciting event attended by a large and supportive audience of families and friends.

Three student speakers, Ana Mendenhall, Matt Burmaster, and Morgan Ingram, shared inspiring stories of their paths to GED success as well as their future plans at CMC.  Lab students presented special guest and speaker, Alexandra Yajko, then leader of the CMC Foundation, with a hand-crafted collage made from students’ photos and heartfelt letters relating how the learning labs, with Alexandra’s steadfast support, have given them the gift of education.

Several CMC scholarships were also awarded:
Estela Lopez received the Ann M. Singleton Scholarship, Matt Burmaster received the Alec F. Littler Scholarship, and Esthela Sanchez and Consuelo Cota each received the Walker-Evans Scholarship.

Finally, each learning lab site recognized one special student with the Courage to Soar Award, honoring a student who with bravery and determination has overcome great obstacles in order to gain an education.  Proud recipients were Josie Vasquez, Norma Carillo, Xiaowanni DeVincenzi, and Ines Torres.  Overall, the evening was an affirmation of the power of education to change people’s lives!


Editor’s note: this story was originally submitted after the ceremony in June. Due to several circumstances, the publishing was delayed. But a graduation is always reason for celebration!