Submitted by Lori Meurs

Leadville – The Spanish film “Lovers of the Arctic Circle” (Los amantes del círculo polar) kicked off the Colorado Mountain College Timberline Campus International Film Series course Feb. 19. The 1998 film was directed by Julió Medém. It was be the first of eight original-language films with English subtitles to be shown this spring.

The course will run selected Friday evenings February through April from 6:00 to 9:30 p.m. All films will be shown in Room 317 in the Timberline Campus Library Building. The cost is only $10 whether you attend one or all of the film series. CMC faculty and staff will lead guided discussions of each film.

Featured films consist of “In Bruges” (Irish) on February 26. This 2008 black comedy film stars Colin Farrell and Brendan Gleeson and was directed by Martin McDonagh. “The Mission” will be shown on March 19. This 1986 British film covers the experiences of a Jesuit mission in the 18th century and stars Robert DeNiro and Jeremy Irons. March 26 will feature the 1987Danish film “Babette’s Feast” (French) which won an Academy Award for Best Foreign Language film.

April offerings include “L’histoire d’Adele H.” (French) on April 2. This 1975 French film tells the story of the real-life Adele Hugo, the daughter of writer Victor Hugo whose obsessive unrequited love for a naval officer led to her downfall. The film, told in French and English, is based on her diaries. April 9 will feature “The Spirit of the Bee Hive.” El espíritu de la colmena is a 1973 Spanish drama film and is set in 1940 during the last few years of Francisco Franco’s dictatorship. April 16 features “Eat Drink Man Woman.” This 1994 English/Chinese comedy centers around a semi-retired and widowed Chinese master chef and his family in Taiwan. The series ends on April 23 with “The Dreamers.” This 2003 French/British/Italian drama focuses on an American university student in Paris.

Depart from the ordinary and go international this spring at CMC! Call 719-486-4292 to register or contact Mary Ebuna, CMC Spanish Professor, at 719-486-4224 for more information.